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Australian Spices

The unique and rare flavours from the Australian bush. A range of the most popular bush spices in convenient spice jars.
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    Tasmanian Pepper Leaf - Ground
    Tasmanian Pepper Leaf - GroundTasmanian Pepper Leaf - Ground

    Tasmanian Pepper Leaf - Ground

    You can almost taste the rainforest in the Tasmanian pepper leaves, which have a spicy smoked woody flavour followed by a peppery taste.

    Sprinkle Tasmanian pepper leaf on chicken, fish, beef, pork or lamb before cooking, alone or in combination with other herbs or spices. Use in marinades, rub onto a roast or use in dips. It goes well, with most vegetables, especially well with potatoes, and gives a delicious touch to your salad dressing. Add the pepper leaf to your pasta dough or to your sauce. Added to a bread mix gives it a remarkable savoury flavour.


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