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Australian Spices

The unique and rare flavours from the Australian bush. A range of the most popular bush spices in convenient spice jars.
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    Wattle Seed - Roasted and Ground

    Wattle Seed

    Wattle seed has an amazing flavour related to hazelnut, coffee, walnuts, and chocolate. This unique flavour evolves from the drying and roasting process. After roasting the seeds are ground for convenient use.

     Wattle seed is used in desserts, cake and bread and gives a delicious flavour to meat dishes, chicken, fish and cream sauces. Add to pancake batter, cheesecake or ice cream - it is very scrumptious.

    For sweet dishes it blends well with vanilla and cinnamon. For a savoury flavour, try it with lemon myrtle, bush tomato or Tasmanian pepper.

     In uncooked dishes, allow to infuse overnight.


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