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Macadamia Nut Oils

Oz Tukka Macadamia Oils are premium cold pressed oils, produced without the use of chemicals or any further processing. This is why our macadamia oils retain the full flavour and superior health benefits that Australian macadamia oils are now famous for. It is high in monounsaturates (80-85%), with no trans fatty acids and an amazing omega 3 to omega 6 ratio of 1:1, it is no wonder that Australian macadamia oil is the wise choice for the health conscious and the basis of the Hamptons Diet. For further information on the health benefits of macadamia oil please follow the link below. Australian Macadamia Society Weight of Evidence Website Consider googling "omega3 omega 6" to find out more information on the need for a balanced intake of these essential fatty acids.
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    Rainforest Macadamia Oil
    Rainforest Macadamia OilRainforest Macadamia Oil

    Rainforest Macadamia Oil

    Oz Tukka :: Gold Winner Sydney Royal Fine Foods ShowAvailable in a 250ml bottle.

    Here we have blended the sweet macadamia oil with the strong citral lemon myrtle oil and a dash of the pungent ginger oil. The blend makes a most refreshing tasting oil suitable for chicken, fish and Asian style cooking. It gives an uplifting touch to salads or just drizzled over cooked vegetable.

    Gold Medal Winner
    2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

    Silver Medal Winner
    2006 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show
    2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Award

    Bronze Winner
    2007 & 2008 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show
    2008 Mudgee Fine Food Show


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